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 * * * * * ( 5/5 Stars)
    Valkyrie Darkness Awaits is a heart pumping read from beginning to end. It’s quick pace and surging action kept me reading and curious. Mist is a Valkyrie, an ancient woman created to be a warrior. Gil is a human soldier who has impeccable skills. They team up with Elves and other legendary, mythical creatures to save Thor and defeat the dark elf Malice.
    The story is a mix of legend, imagination and history, along with steamy love scenes, and a full course of adventure. Gil Swanson is the tough guy soldier, always thinking, and always one step ahead of evil forces. He is the epitome of a manly man. Mist on the other hand is no delicate woman. She’s a warrior, nearly seven feet tall and ready for action. The sparks between these character’s fly from the start.
    I enjoyed this story and look forward to reading the next book in the series.

   Darkness Awaits, on

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